Go inside the TARDIS with Google Street View

When finding a newly-arrived “blue box” on London’s Southbank in The Bells of Saint John, Miss Kizlet asked Alexi to double check that it was the Doctor’s TARDIS. “Earl's Court” she reminded him “was an embarrassment”.

And indeed, those of you who’ve been to London may know that a Police Box has stood outside Earl’s Court Underground station (Earl’s Court Road exit) since 1996. Recently however, this Police Box has taken on a new life on Google Street View.

As many eagle-eyed fans have already noticed, clicking the double white arrows, in front of the Police Box, below, will transport you into the TARDIS itself!

Just don't fiddle with the Shield Oscillators, okay?

If the Google Map embed isn’t working for you, follow this link to Google Maps and click the double white arrows pointing at the Police Box. If you're using a preview version of new Google Maps, click the thumbnail at the bottom of the page labelled 'See Inside'.

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