Gift Ideas for Going Behind the Scenes on Doctor Who

Step on set and discover secrets of the series with these ideal gift ideas for Doctor Who fans...

With a huge, long-running show like Doctor Who, there must come an infinite wealth of stories about its creation. As we celebrate the hard work, friendships and all other goings-on behind the scenes of Doctor Who, here are just a few gift ideas for fans who want to discover more about the making of the series...


Words from the Showrunner

The Writer's Tale

The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter is a comprehensive - and personal - account of Doctor Who by showrunner Russell T Davies and writer Benjamin Cook.

Find your copy of The Writer's Tale: The Final Chapter here.

Doctor Who at the BBC: The Collection

Doctor Who at the BBC

From BBC Audio, this mammoth collection of rare items from the BBC radio & TV archives features numerous set visits and interviews with Doctor Who actors, writers, producers and fans.

Find out where to get your copy of Doctor Who at the BBC: The Collection here.

A Multi-Doctor Saga Begins

The Lost Dimension

When the universe is threatened, when the laws of Time, Space and Reality break down, different incarnations of the Doctor can meet. It should never happen. But this is one of those days!

Discover an unprecedented crossover between thirteen Doctors in an epic struggle for the future of the universe, as they battle an all-consuming white hole – and uncover the deadly secret of the void between universes!

Find Volume One of Titan Comics' Doctor Who: The Lost Dimension here.

A collectable Fourth Doctor adventure

Serpent Crest

Serpent Crest is the third and final series of Nest Cottage audio adventures starring Tom Baker as the Doctor, published for the very first time on limited edition vinyl.

Every copy of this release also includes an exclusive, frameable portrait of the Fourth Doctor, hand signed by Tom Baker himself. This release is limited to 1,200 copies and is presented on 10x140g alternating black and green vinyl discs.

A 16-page full-colour booklet features The Doctor's unique notes and illustrations, made during the course of these five serpent-infested adventures.

Find out where to get your copy of Serpent Crest here.

New merch ranges for the Eighth and War Doctors

Eighth and War Doctor

Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor and John Hurt's War Doctor are the latest to get the full range of merchandising treatment from Forbidden Planet. Browse a selection of t-shirts, sweaters, mugs, prints and more and represent your favourite incarnation of the Doctor!

Find Forbidden Planet's full range of Eighth Doctor products here.

Find Forbidden Planet's full range of War Doctor products here.


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