Five essential Doctor Who stories on HBO Max

Doctor Who returned to our screens over 15 years ago and since then we’ve been on the trip of a lifetime! From the Abzorbaloff to Weeping Angels, from Akhaten to Villengard where will you start your adventure in space and time?

You can now watch Series 1 to 11 of Doctor Who on HBO Max .

The very beginning - Rose

When Rose Tyler meets a mysterious stranger called the Doctor, her life will never be the same again. Soon, she realises that her mum, her boyfriend, and the whole of planet Earth are in danger. The only hope for salvation lies inside a strange blue box.


When dealing with all things timey-wimey, where better to start than at the beginning? A brand new Doctor played by Christopher Eccelston, fresh from the Time War, ends up bumping into shop assistant Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper, and their adventures begin!

One of the scariest episodes - Blink

In an old abandoned house, the Weeping Angels wait. When people start disappearing, Sally must decode cryptic messages from a mysterious stranger called the Doctor before she can save the day.


It’s not often you see the universe of Doctor Who through the eyes of someone not travelling in the TARDIS. Carey Mulligan plays Sally Sparrow into one of the creepiest stories of all time!

Timey Wimey adventures - The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

The Doctor, Amy and Rory receive a secret summons that leads them to the Oval Office in 1969. Enlisting the help of a former FBI agent and the irrepressible River Song, the Doctor promises to assist the President in saving a terrified little girl from a mysterious Space Man.


This adventure truly takes you on a rollercoaster – to the Moon and back! The Doctor is invited, along with Amy, Rory and River Song, to witness his own death, they face a mysterious alien race who you forget the minute you look away… they even meet President Nixon!

Super Who! - The Return of Doctor Mysterio

The Doctor joins forces with a masked superhero for an epic New York adventure. With brain-swapping aliens poised to attack, the Doctor and Nardole link up with an investigative reporter and a mysterious figure known only as the Ghost. Can the Doctor save Manhattan?


What if Doctor Who was a superhero movie… finally, the question was answered! Peter Capaldi plays the Twelfth Doctor in this New York adventure, which proves that you don’t always need superpowers to be a hero.

A universal hero - Rosa

Montgomery, Alabama. 1955. The Doctor and her friends find themselves in the Deep South of America. As they encounter a seamstress by the name of Rosa Parks, they begin to wonder: is someone attempting to change history?


Travelling in time and space means meeting some of the most important people in the universe, encountering pivotal moments in humanity… and ensuring they happen! The Thirteenth Doctor, Yaz, Ryan and Graham step into history with one of the most moving episodes of Doctor Who ever.

You can now watch Series 1 to 11 of Doctor Who on HBO Max.

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