Daleks, Cybermen and K-9 come to PlayStation Home

Wave two of Doctor Who’s hugely successful range on PlayStation Home has now been released.

Decorate your personal TARDIS clubhouse space with a whole spectrum of new paradigm Daleks – either as companions that follow you around, or active furniture items – plus the spherical Emperor Dalek from The Eternity Clock. Exterminate!

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Coming to upgrade your PS Home experience are the dreaded Cybermen, but there to support the Doctor is the trusty Time Lord’s best friend K-9. All items are available as furniture or companions, and come with a selection of sound effects and actions.

New to Doctor Who on PlayStation Home?

Let YouTube vloggers Chris Foxx (thisisFOXX) and JP Fox (LilRedFoxPictures) guide you through it in this new video:


Also in the Wave 2 release are the Doctor’s fez, a mop (as featured in The Big Bang) and River’s sonic screwdriver.

Products can be bought within the LOOT Store on PS Home as either a Dalek companion bundle, Dalek furniture bundle or an Ultimate Wave Two pack containing all items.

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