Coming soon: The Fifth Doctor and friends, giant Weeping Angels and Time Lord Victorious figurines

Figurine versions of some Doctor Who characters will be coming soon from Hero Collector. Read on to find out which figurines you’ll be adding to your collection next!

You will be able to order all of these Doctor Who figurines soon from Hero Collector.

The Time Lord Victorious and Brian the Ood

As war rages across time and space, the Daleks return to the cosmos – but they’re far from the most dangerous threat facing the timestream. An alternate version of the Tenth Doctor has emerged, clad in Gallifreyan robes and proclaiming himself the Time Lord Victorious!

This epic multi-platform Doctor Who crossover event has its own high-quality figurine box sets featuring creatures and characters adding to the story of Time Lord Victorious, each accompanied by an in-depth profile magazine. Both these models are to a scale of 1:21 with Hand-Painted Resin figurines. Plus they come with a magazine which add to the multi-platform story.

The Fifth Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric

After his near-death at the Master's hands, the Doctor regenerated into his fifth incarnation - honourable, honest, and reserved, clad in cricketing gear with a garnish of celery on his lapel. Australian air stewardess Tegan was a pessimistic voice of reason, while Nyssa was a gentle and trusting scientist who lost her father to the Master's machinations. Adric, a proud boy genius, often clashed with others in the TARDIS, but gave his life to save Earth from the Cybermen.

The Doctor’s travelled in the TARDIS with many friends across over 50 years of adventures – these box sets collect the Doctor and their companions as 1:21 scale hand-painted models, accompanied by a profile magazine.

A Giant Weeping Angel

The Weeping Angels are among the Doctor’s more terrifying foes, alien predators who can only move when no-one’s watching… and disguise themselves as statues. In his final adventure with Amy and Rory, the Eleventh Doctor discovered that the Weeping Angels had turned New York City into a battery farm for preying on human energy… even transforming the Statue of Liberty into a giant Weeping Angel!

This Weeping Angel is part of the definitive collection of over 50 years of Doctor Who characters, faithfully rendered as 1:21 scale models and accompanied by a profile magazine.

You will be able to order all of these Doctor Who figurines soon from Hero Collector.

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