Coming soon - a Doctor Who murder mystery with Bonnie Langford

BBC Books to publish Doctor Who murder mystery with national treasure Bonnie Langford

A band of killers. Survivors with a secret. A death-defying murder mystery in space.

Pre-order Doctor Who: Death in the Stars ahead of its release on hardback and audiobook on 22nd August 2024 here

Death in the Stars

When young Mel’s business partner, Sabalom Glitz embarks on yet another “get rich quick” scheme, it marks the start of an epic, death-defying murder-mystery in space.

After barely escaping the snares of a murderous galactic cult, Mel searches for fellow survivors in a nearby spaceship graveyard – while Glitz looks to fill his pockets. But the discovery of a spaceship with its crew in suspended animation and incredible secrets on board leaves the duo stranded with no way off.

Mel revives the crew – and then the murders start. Murders that cannot possibly have been committed by any of the crewmembers. In fact, there are only two realistic suspects – Glitz and Mel themselves…

Bonnie Langford

Bonnie Langford is a beloved British actor, and well-known for her role playing Melanie Bush in Doctor Who, companion to the Sixth and Seventh Doctors. Bonnie returned to Doctor Who as Melanie during 2023’s 60th anniversary specials and will return for Season 1 which hits screens in 2024. She also starred in numerous West End productions, and played Carmel Kazemi in EastEnders. This is her first novel.

Doctor Who: Death in the Stars is written by Bonnie Langford with Jacqueline Rayner, and will be release on hardback and audiobook on 22nd August 2024.

Pre-order Doctor Who: Death in the Stars here

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