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Capaldi found Doctor Who Series 10 scenes ‘intimidating’

By Cameron K McEwan

Twelfth Doctor actor Peter Capaldi has been discussing all things Doctor Who in The Finale Countdown Souvenir Magazine.

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The special publication was given to fans who attended The Finale Countdown Concert and Aftershow at Cardiff’s Millennium Centre on Saturday, which saw a concert performance of World Enough And Time followed by a Q&A with actress Pearl Mackie (Bill Potts) and showrunner Steven Moffat.

Specifically, Capaldi addressed some of the more trickier aspects on filming Doctor Who Series 10:

“Lecturing to the students was challenging. That’s an unusual situation to be in because it’s quite theatrical.

You have to walk on in front of 200 extras, so that’s a bit intimidating – although you’re working the camera, you’re still in front of all these people.”

Peter, who leaves Doctor Who at the end of this year in the 2017 Christmas Special, also spoke about the challenges in making the episode Oxygen, where the Doctor became blind:

“It was difficult because I knew that there was a special effect going to be added, so I didn’t know how much to do or not to do.

What was very strange was not making eye contact. It was the only way I could think of to act as if I couldn’t see properly but all of your instincts are to make eye contact, otherwise you feel you aren’t giving the other actors what they might need.”

The Doctor Who Series 10 finale, The Doctor Falls, airs around the world from July 1, 2017 – find out where to watch in your area here.

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