9 marvellous Master moments from Big Finish audio

The Master is one of Doctor Who’s most iconic characters. The Moriarty to the Doctor’s Holmes, the two have crossed paths (and sometimes swords!) repeatedly over the years. There have also been many brilliant moments featuring the Master in audio adventures from Big Finish. Here are some of his, and her, finest hours from those adventures. The ‘masterpieces’, if you will…

The Master Returns

The Master’s Big Finish debut highlights his love of disguises. Hidden behind a mask and masquerading as the wealthy Mr. Seta (an anagram of Master), he planned to control the Warp Core, a super-weapon devised to stop the nigh on indestructible Krill. The only wrinkle in his plan? The Seventh Doctor and Ace are onboard his space-station and the Doctor is getting curious…

Dust Breeding is available to download here

Doctor in Disguise

Disguising himself as a future incarnation of the Doctor, the Master infiltrated the ranks of UNIT in order to reclaim an alien artefact. In order to pass as his heroic nemesis, the Master ended up helping to protect the Earth against several inter-dimensional threats.

UNIT: Dominion is available on CD and download here

All that he surveys, obeys.

As every good Time Lord knows, time should never be re-written. Unfortunately, the Master isn’t a good Time Lord. He’s an outright evil one! Teaming up with the Eminence, a gaseous psychic creature with an agenda of its own, the Master re-writes time to establish himself as the ruler of Earth. The Doctor and his companion Liv Chenka try to topple his regime, setting up for the conclusion of the epic Dark Eyes saga!

Dark Eyes 3 is available on CD and download here

Master of the House

Tapping into elements of the canon first established in the New Adventures line of novels, this story explores the psychology of the titular character. It begins with the Master - using the Doctor’s go-to cover name of Doctor John Smith - having two friends over for dinner. The evening takes a turn for the bizarre when they spot a man burning outside. The man in question? The Seventh Doctor!

Master is available to download here

Master vs Master

While the Doctor and the Master are two very different Time Lords, there is one clear similarity between them. Whenever two incarnations meet, sparks fly! The long requested multi-Master story pits Geoffrey Beevers’ decayed Master and Alex Macqueen’s bonkers iteration against the Seventh Doctor in a fight for - what else - the fate of all existence!

The Two Masters is available on CD and download here

Master vs Leela

The Time War has led many of our favourite characters to do things they’d rather not. For Leela, it was being sent on an assignment for Gallifrey with the War Master. Leela had encountered the Master several times on her travels with the Fourth Doctor and every time he tried to kill her. Needless to say, forcing two of the universe’s deadliest warriors to work together doesn’t go smoothly!

Gallifrey: Time War Volume 1 is available on CD and download here

The Master to end all Wars

Derek Jacobi’s War Master was first introduced at the end of his life in the TV episode Utopia but in his audio adventures, we discover some of the devious schemes he embarked upon during the Time War. The Master wanted to win the war, but to do so on his own terms. He seeks out the Heavenly Paradigm, a Time Lord weapon that extracts a terrible cost…

The War Master: Only the Good is available on CD and download here

Master vs the Doctors

What threat could destroy the first eight lives of the Doctor simultaneously? Why, the Master of course! In this special release to celebrate Doctor Who’s fiftieth anniversary, arms dealing race the Vess sell the Master a weapon to wipe the Doctor’s adventures from history by re-writing history so that he never left Gallifrey.

The Light at the End is available on CD and download here

Missy vs River Song

The Doctor isn’t the only time-traveling foe of the Master. Across their different incarnations, the Master has repeatedly clashed with Professor River Song. Missy, the most recent iteration of the Master, took her encounter with River personally as Missy believes that she should be the woman who killed the Doctor and was very upset that River got there first!

The Diary of River Song: Series 5 is available on CD and download here



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