The Kotturuh

Appears in Time Lord Victorious

"The bringers of death"

First Regular Appearance
Time Lord Victorious

The Kotturuh were called the Bringers of Death. Death was their religion and their gift. In the Dark Times, every species had been born immortal, but the Kotturuh travelled the Dark Times ending this. Their self-appointed mission was to visit every world, assess the life on it, and reward them with a lifespan fitting the contribution it would make to the universe.

Some argued that this was a useful example of evolution – once life in the universe was established, the Kotturuh were needed to curtail it, to keep populations controlled, to avoid any species becoming too dominant, and to curtail species that were not worthy.

Sometimes the Kotturuh came out of the skies and spread their gift without mercy, others they arrived on a world, met with its people and allotted lifespans accordingly (some species would be allocated lifespans of thousands of years, others would be wiped out on the spot, and some would be cruelly punished for resisting).

It was impossible to argue with them, fight with them, or evade them – once a Kotturuh touched a species, their Death spread amongst them. To the Kotturuh this was their religion – there was no malice in it, they were simply carrying out their duty.

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