Brian the Ood

Played by Silas Carson

"If you allow me to end her life then we could stop all this excessive exertion"

First Regular Appearance
Time Lord Victorious

By and large, he's made his peace with the universe (normally with knives). He has the gnomic ability of an Ood to assess the flow of events, and a killer's ability to alter their course without a qualm. He's coped with being thrown into the time vortex, he's managed battlefleets, he's fought a Dalek army, and he's formed an unusual alliance with a man called The Doctor.Brian was bought as a joke by a guild of assassins called the Lesser Order Of Oberon. They thought it would be amusing (and also practical) to train up a peaceful Ood to be the perfect assassin. He eventually killed them all, but the torturous training has left him with a very peculiar split personality that is half-butler and half-serial killer.

A natural manipulator, Brian’s aberrant behaviour makes him both cunning and charming, capable of surprising acts of kindness as well as enormous ruthlessness. Although Ood should have no sense of self, Brian always looks out for Number One. Brian ascribes a lot of this aberrant behaviour to his translator globe, who he calls “Mr Ball”, but no one knows if this is affectation or madness.

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