"You are here because you want to know the truth about this starship, and I am talking to you because you're entitled to know"

First Regular Appearance
The Beast Below

Reminiscent in appearance to fortune telling arcade machines, the Smilers have three difference faces which rotate to indicate their approval or displeasure. They have a painted grin when they are content, a creepy frown as a warning and a terrifying manic snarl when they leave their booths to attack.On board the Starship UK in the 29th Century, the Smilers gather surveillance and maintain order amongst the inhabitants. Usually encased in booths with glass windows, these are clockwork security androids created by Hawthorne, the ship’s head of government.

And attack they do when the Doctor and Amy started exploring the mystery of how the ship is powered. Fortunately they were saved by the sharp shooting of the enigmatic Liz 10.

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