Peg Dolls

"Tick tock goes the clock, and all the years they fly. Tick tock and all too soon, you and I must die"

First Regular Appearance
Night Terrors

George, a sensitive eight-year-old, sent a psychic distress call across the Universe to the Doctor - “Please save me from the monsters”. While the Doctor investigated, Amy and Rory found themselves inside the dolls’ house, pursued by these sinister-giggling, life-sized dolls. When Amy failed to escape their clutches, she transformed into a red-haired peg doll.These terrifying, macabre dolls are located inside a dolls’ house, hidden away in the bedroom cupboard of a frightened little boy.

The mystery of the peg dolls was solved when the Doctor realised that George is in fact a Tenza, an alien with psychic powers, who is subconsciously controlling the dolls. When George’s father declared his love for his son no matter what, George’s worst fears vanished.

With the psychic defences no longer needed, the peg dolls became toys again and their human victims thankfully were restored to normal.

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