Played by Sarah Sutton

"I've enjoyed every moment of my time on the Tardis, and I'll miss you both, but here I have a chance to put into practice the skills I learnt on Traken"

First Regular Appearance Last Regular Appearance
The Keeper of Traken Terminus

When the Doctor was summoned to the peaceful Union of Traken to fight a great evil, young Nyssa's life was irrevocably changed. Her father Tremas had his body taken over by the dying Master, and she was brought by a ghostly figure to attend the Fourth Doctor's regeneration. Calm, collected and scientific, Nyssa helped the Doctor through his post-regenerative trauma, destroyed the Terileptils' android and met her doppelgänger at Cranleigh Hall. After bravely trying to save the Doctor from execution by the Time Lords, she chose to remain on the hospital ship Terminus and help cure Lazar's Disease.

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