"You know. The Foretold. Mythical mummy. Legend has it that if you see it, you're a dead man."

First Regular Appearance
Mummy on the Orient Express

The worrying thing about mythology, concedes the Doctor, is that from time to time, it turns out to be true. The myth of the Foretold became real when the Twelfth Doctor and Clara boarded the Orient Express in space. They discovered that an old woman, Mrs Pitt, had died recently on the train, allegedly at the hands of a terrifying, bandaged Mummy that only she could see.

Professor Moorhouse, an expert in alien mythology, told of the legend of the Foretold - whoever sees the Foretold’s stare has only sixty-six seconds before death. Unfortunately, the Professor was the Foretold’s next victim but from his death, the Doctor learned the creature takes its victims out of phase to drain their energy.

When it tried to attack the Doctor, the Time Lord realised that the Foretold was in fact an ancient soldier, being driven by malfunctioning technology. When the Doctor surrendered, the creature accepted that the war is over, saluted the Doctor and disintegrated.

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