Monstrous Beauty

By Scott Gray & John Ross
Doctor Who Magazine

Title Release Date
Monstrous Beauty #1 (DWM 556) 17/09/2020
Monstrous Beauty #2 (DWM 557) 15/10/2020
Monstrous Beauty #3 (DWM 558) 12/11/2020

The Ninth Doctor and Rose find themselves in a place where no TARDIS is ever supposed to go - the Dark Times; an ancient era forbidden to all Time Lords. The universe is young but war has already been born: The Vampire Alliance is swarming across the cosmos, consuming everything in its path. The Doctor discovers that not all the stories surrounding Time Lord history match up with reality – but some of the horrors are actually worse than the myths. Rose becomes the first human in existence – and that’s a very dangerous thing to be…

"All I know about this time are fairy tales – and every single one of them is terrifying..."
- The Ninth Doctor

Writer Scott Gray
Artist John Ross
Colourist James Offredi
Letterer Roger Langridge
Editors Peter Ware & Marcus Hearn


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