Genetics of the Daleks

By Jonathan Morris
Big Finish Productions

Title Release Date
Genetics of the Daleks 10/12/2020

There are 10,000 humans in stasis aboard Starship Future. Ten thousand humans expecting to wake up on a distant planet, their new home. But twenty years into their journey, Starship Future takes on board fuel – and something else. Something that’s been waiting, frozen in space, for a very long time.

Something malevolent.

Something with a plan.

Unless the Doctor can help, it looks like the people of Starship Future have no future at all...

The Doctor Tom Baker
The Dalek/Dalek Mutant Nicholas Briggs
Captain Graff Pippa Haywood
Pilot Finlay Joseph Kloska
Medical Officer Chuke Clive Mantle
Professor Brooke Andrew James Spooner
Security Officer Swann Nina Toussaint-White

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