Defender of the Daleks

By Jody Houser
Titan Comics

Title Release Date
Defender of the Daleks #1 02/09/2020
Defender of the Daleks #2 07/10/2020
Defender of the Daleks: Collected (#1 and #2) 17/11/2020

The Tenth Doctor awakes in a timeline that is not his own, finding himself pursued, impossibly, by the entire Dalek Empire. Even more impossibly, the Daleks are losing a battle with a race who ceased to exist long ago. The Dalek Emperor needs help, and there’s only one person in the universe more terrifying than Daleks – but can the Doctor ever trust the Dalek Emperor, and be willing to save his Empire?

"The Emperor of the Daleks! It has been a while..."
- The Tenth Doctor

Writer Jody Houser
Artist Roberta Ingranata


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