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Power of the Daleks Twitter Stickers

Power of the Daleks Twitter Stickers

By Cameron K McEwan on Saturday 26 November 2016

To celebrate the release of The Power of the Daleks, BBC Store have teamed up with Twitter to release a number of brilliant stickers to pimp your twitter profile pic.

The Power of the Dalek Twitter Stickers include: the Doctor’s hat, Polly’s hair, the TARDIS, a Dalek, Bragen’s hat, the 500 Year Diary, the Examiner’s badge and Lesterson’s jacket.

Where to watch The Power of the Daleks

The eight stickers represent the most iconic characters and objects from the animation, and perfect for dressing up!

To adorn your profile in the twitter mobile app: launch a new tweet, add a photo and then click on the smiley face to add the stickers – they are available to use now for one week only.

Check out the stickers below:

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It’s one of the first times that a UK TV brand has worked with twitter in this way and is just a really fun way for fans to show their love for the show – plus the opportunity to have Polly’s hair for the day!

The six-part story is available across the world to enjoy - find out how and where to watch in your region here.