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EXCLUSIVE! Download a Doctor Who Dot-To-Doc activity sheet

By Cameron K McEwan on Saturday 2 July 2016

This week in the UK, you can get your hands on an amazing new Doctor Who release - it's a dot-to-dot book! Or, rather, a Dot-To-Doc book! If you're a fan of dot-to-dot books AND Doctor Who, then you're in for a real treat!

Download our EXCLUSIVE Dot-to-Doc sheet here!

The book, which is released on July 7, includes 45 intricate portraits to complete and over 500 dots in every drawing. Inside you'll find every incarnation of the Doctor, plus favourite friends and foes - Rose, Donna, Captain Jack, Clara, the Ponds, a Dalek, a Cyberman, a Weeping Angel and many more!

Dot-to-Doc contains hours of creative and timey-wimey fun. Check out the cover below.

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Download our EXCLUSIVE Dot-to-Doc sheet here!

WARNING: This book contains EXTREME dot-to-dot puzzles, some of which exceed 1,000 dots!

Doctor Who: Dot-to-Doc is released in the UK on July 7, 2016. For more, visit here