Zygons return for 50th anniversary and on DVD

With the exciting announcement that the shape-shifting Zygons were returning for the 50th anniversary (which you can read more about on the BBC production website), we thought it would be good to look back to their first - and so far only - on-screen appearance, which is released on DVD later this year.


Terror of the Zygons aired in the summer of 1975, at the start of Doctor Who’s thirteenth season. Starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor, with Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, the adventure saw the Doctor summoned to Scotland by the Brigadier to investigate the destruction of several oil rigs. Despite being initially annoyed at humanity’s continued dependence on "mineral slime", the Doctor's discovery of a sinister bite mark on the rig wreckage convinces him to stay...

And far more sinister things are going on beneath the waves. Years later, the events of this story are referred to by Sarah in School Reunion, when boasting to Rose Tyler that she’s seen the Loch Ness Monster…

Terror of the Zygons will be released for the first time on DVD in autumn 2013 and is available for pre-order now, and the 50th anniversary special will be screened later this year.

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