YOUR Doctor Who monsters! #StayingInTheTARDIS

This week’s #StayingInTheTARDIS challenge was to create your own Doctor Who monsters - using things you’ve got at home. Could you draw, dress up as, or build your own ultimate enemy for the Doctor?

It would take all the Doctors in space and time to round them all up, but here are just a few we loved.

Explore the universe from your own home at StayingInTheTARDIS.com! Check back tomorrow for new challenges and lots more fun activities.

Monster 1


Monster 2


Monster 3


Monster 4


Monster 5


Thank you for all the submissions, we have loved all of your exciting extraterrestrials!

There will be a brand new challenge tomorrow as well as a whole TARDIS filled with new activities, freebies and more, so make sure you check out StayingInTheTARDIS.com.

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