YOUR Doctor artworks, cosplays, moments and more

Celebrating the first month for 60 years of Doctor Who, we asked for your favourite Doctor moments. Here are just some of them!

This year Doctor Who celebrates 60 years of Doctor Who – ever since the First Doctor took Ian and Barbara off throw adventures in time and space with his granddaughter Susan.

For the first month we celebrated the eponymous hero themselves – the Doctor, and you joined in with artwork, stories, cosplays, photos, favourite moments and much much more!

Jon treated us with a look to the future at what the Doctor and Ruby Sunday’s adventures could be like…

The Doctor and Ruby
@jonwesleyhuff on Twitter

And a look at the Doctor’s latest adventure from Jo.

An artwork of The Power of the Doctor
@iknowjojo on Twitter

We saw some impressive Doctor looks! Here’s the Thirteenth Doctor…

A cosplay of the thirteenth Doctor
@helloobenjamin on Twitter

And the Twelfth Doctor also made an appearance.

A cosplay of the Twelfth Doctor
@rawyld on Twitter

And the Eleventh Doctor at the recent immersive experience, Time Fracture.

A cosplay of the Eleventh Doctor
@KennySColliver on Twitter

There were also many favourite Doctor moments and memories shared… and you can watch them all together on YouTube.

This month, we’ll celebrate the Science and Technology in Doctor Who… see you there!

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