Twelve defining moments of the Twelfth Doctor

A very happy birthday to the Twelfth Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi! In order to celebrate, here are twelve epic moments from the long life in the twelfth regeneration.

1. A historic regeneration

When the Twelfth Doctor first appeared on our screens, he certainly made an entrance… from the stomach of a dinosaur! The Paternoster Gang could only watch as the Jurassic giant puked up the TARDIS with Clara, and a brand new Doctor…

2. The Master reborn… as Missy?

The Twelfth Doctor had a mysterious female figure following his every adventure, but who was she? Only when her scheme was revealed, did she show her true identity… she couldn’t keep calling herself the Master, could she?

3. Meet Santa Claus!

The Doctor and Clara’s relationship was flawed to say the least after their encounter with Missy. They had drifted apart. Who better to bring them back together? Why, Santa Claus of course!

4. Heading back to Skaro

When Davros asked for the Twelfth Doctor’s help, how could he refuse his mortal enemy? He returned to the side of the evil creator of the Daleks, but little did he know he ended up on the planet of the Daleks.

5. Billions of years locked away…

The Doctor was trapped in his confession dial for four and a half billion years, but what a beautiful journey it became. This is a must-watch adventure from the era of the Twelfth Doctor!

6. Head to head with Gallifrey

After escaping his confession dial, the Doctor found himself back on Gallifrey, and he had a bone to pick with the Time Lords! After branding himself ‘The Hybrid’ who would destroy the web of time itself, the Doctor went marching to face off against Rassilon himself.

7. Hello Sweetie…

This was a Christmas to remember! Normally River Song is running circles around the Doctor, but when the Twelfth Doctor met River, she had no idea who he was. Before they both knew it, they crash-landed on Darilium for a date to remember…

8. A brand-new friend

Meet Bill! The Doctor had become a lecturer at St Luke’s University, and Bill was working in the canteen. When they met, he agreed to become Bill’s personal tutor… but the Doctor wasn’t just lecturing at the university, he was guarding something…

9. Redeeming Missy

How many universities have a locked-up criminal Time Lord in their cellars? Missy was locked up for crimes against the universe, with the Doctor as her appointed guardian. But over their time together, Missy warmed to a more human side…

10. Facing TWO Masters and the Cybermen!

Until the Doctor’s worst fears came true. Imagine not only having to face the Master, but two versions of Master with an army of Cybermen! The fight would place a great toll on the Doctor, and he would need to regenerate again.

11. Meeting himself, from the very beginning

When you’re refusing to regenerate, there’s no one better to have a conversation about it than yourself! The Doctor ended up meeting his very first incarnation, who was also refusing to regenerate. Together they had a heart to heart, faced a Dalek, fixed the course of time, and made some brave decisions.

12. Laugh hard, run fast, be kind

When the Twelfth Doctor regenerated, he did so with some incredible final words. The next Doctor had to wait for the Twelfth Doctor to say something… “Never be cruel, never be cowardly, and never ever eat pears!”

A very happy birthday to Peter Capaldi!

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