Third, Fifth, Sixth and Tenth Doctors get a Mr Men makeover

By Cameron McEwan

We have the next four books in the series mashing up and celebrating two global icons - Doctor Who and the World of Hargreaves, known for Mr Men and Little Miss.

Guide to Who's Who in the Dr. Men Series

These storybook mash-ups, written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves, combine the iconic storytelling of Doctor Who with the whimsical humour and design made famous by his father, Roger Hargreaves – in his Mr. Men books.

Already available in the series are:

Dr. First, Dr. Fourth, Dr. Eleventh and Dr. Twelfth (more details here)
Dr. Second, Dr. Seventh, Dr. Eighth and Dr. Ninth (more details here)

Included below is the artwork and pre-order links for the next four titles, coming in Feburary 2018.

Dr Third

Dr. Third

UK Pre-order
US Pre-order

Dr Fifth

Dr. Fifth

UK Pre-order

US Pre-order

Dr Sixth

Dr. Sixth

UK Pre-order

US Pre-order

Dr Tenth

Dr. Tenth

UK Pre-order

US Pre-order

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