The Series 12 soundtrack is coming soon!

The Doctor Who Series 12 soundtrack is coming next month! This two-volume collection showcases new themes for the Master and the Cybermen and celebrates the epic, action-packed storytelling in Series 12.

The Doctor Who Series 12 – Original Television Soundtrack is available to pre-order now, and will be available from 3rd April 2020.

Building on the character themes and dramatic musical landscapes created for Jodie Whittaker’s first series as the Thirteenth Doctor, composer Segun Akinola has created a thrilling and diverse collection of scores for the new adventures.

Composer Segun Akinola is an alumnus of the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire and part of 2017’s BAFTA Breakthrough Brit programme.

A behind the scenes featurette of the music from Series 12 was released on the Doctor Who YouTube channel today:

Segun Akinola, Composer, said:

"From the experimental sounds of Orphan 55 to the emotional rollercoaster of The Timeless Children, it’s been a complete joy working on the music for Series 12 and I hope that whilst listening to this album, fans can relive all their favourite moments."

Chris Chibnall, Showrunner, said:

Segun’s music is a key component of the Thirteenth Doctor’s era - his extraordinarily eclectic, bold and emotional scores for the series are part of Doctor Who’s identity.

From lush orchestral spy movie arrangements to experimental soundscapes, this collection showcases the range, ambition, precision and brilliance of Segun as a composer - and demonstrates how lucky Doctor Who is to have a composer of Segun’s calibre providing dynamic and fresh new scores every episode.

No Doctor Who fan should be without it, and no lover of contemporary film scores should miss it.


A full track listing of the Series 12 Soundtrack is available below:

Track Listing - Volume 1

Track number Track name
1 Series 12 Opening Titles
2 The Attacks
3 Hold On
4 MI6
5 Beyond Your Understanding
6 Doctor, The Doctor
7 Going Undercover
8 The Spy Master
9 Don’t Panic
10 The Incredible Shrinking Device
11 Thank You
12 The Lie
13 Tranquility Spa
14 Stay Alive
15 One Possible Future
16 Big Fat Liar
17 The American Sense of Humour
18 Official Eviction Notice
19 Superior Minds
20 The Future Is Mine
21 Judoon Warning Transmission
22 You Missed Me, Right?
23 Fugitive Identified
24 The Lighthouse
25 Something Is Coming for Me

Track Listing - Volume 2

Track number Track name
1 Together and Alone
2 Praxeus
3 Three Idiots Roaming
4 Get Everyone Out
5 The Bloke Watching Your Dreams
6 His Eternal Partner
7 It’s Not Just You
8 Tales of The Dead
9 A Traveller Moving Through Time
10 Quicksilver
11 She Was the Universe
12 Brendan
13 Be Afraid
14 The Fall
15 The Ascension Shall Begin
16 Everything Is About to Change
17 Tecteun
18 Time Lords
19 The Division
20 CyberMasters
21 My Penance
22 Home Sweet Home
23 Ascension of the Cybermen End Credits

The Doctor Who Series 12 – Original Television Soundtrack is available to pre-order now and will be available from 3rd April 2020.

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