The Seeds of Doom celebrated in fourth set of Dark Bunny Tees

This month’s exclusive Dark Bunny Tees designs are both themed around the Fourth Doctor adventure The Seeds of Doom, where the Doctor and Sarah stumble on the discovery of two seed pods that will unleash the deadly Krynoid on the unsuspecting world.

The first design shows the logo of the Intergalactic Floral Society – of which, the Doctor is “naturally” the President. In The Seeds of Doom, he says the man-devouring Krynoid was always tough to study as “researchers tend to disappear”…

alt text

The second tee is an advert for Chase Mansion’s Botanical Gardens – the home to the unhinged millionaire Harrison Chase – who sought the Krynoid for his collection. As well as composing music for his plants to “listen to”, he was also keen on creating nourishing fertilizer – putting anything into the mixture…

alt text

The designs are available now from the Dark Bunny Tees Doctor Who site.

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