The Nameless City now available to buy

Michael Scott’s short Doctor Who story – second in a series of eleven specially commissioned ebooks to celebrate the shows' 50th anniversary – has been released today.

You can order from the following retailers (these links take you to sites outside of our control):
- Amazon (UK | US)
- iTunes (UK | AU)

'Oh, Jamie, what have you done?' The Doctor's voice was shaking.
'I don't know ... I mean, it's just a book.'
'Oh, this is more, much more, than a book.'
The Doctor and Jamie stared at the leather-bound volume on the floor. Caught in a tangle of wire and cogs, it was pulsating with a slow, steady rhythm.
'It's like a heartbeat,' Jamie whispered. 'Doctor, I don't ... I mean, I just ...' the young Scotsman said in confusion. He leaned forward. 'Do you want me to throw it out?'
The Doctor raised his hand. 'Don't touch it!' he snapped. 'If you value your life and your sanity, you'll not touch it again.'

Extract from The Nameless City by Michael Scott. Read more at The Guardian Children Books site.


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