The Essential Doctor Who Magazine: Invasions of Earth

By Cameron K McEwan

The makers of Doctor Who Magazine continue their lavish series of bookazines with a 116-page issue celebrating some of the most memorable episodes in the series history.

The Essential Doctor Who: Invasions of Earth includes interviews with:

  • Anna Barry (Day of the Daleks)
  • Ray Brooks (Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.)
  • Johnny Byrne (Warriors of the Deep)
  • Michael Ferguson (The Seeds of Death, The Claws of Axos)
  • Peter Harness (The Zygon Invasion/The Zygon Inversion)
  • Douglas Mackinnon (The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky, The Power of Three, Flatline)
  • Victor Pemberton (Fury from the Deep, The Pescatons)
  • Toby Whithouse (The Vampires of Venice)

Other highlights include a tribute to Nicholas Courtney, a look at Terry Nation’s original storyline for The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Jon Pertwee’s unmade story The Spare-Part People and much more.

Invasions of Earth

Editor Marcus Hearn says: “Invasions of Earth have been central to Doctor Who since 1964. It was a big subject for us to tackle, but we’ve managed to cover almost every major era of the series with some fascinating articles and plenty of rare images. This is the story of our planet’s most epic battles!”

The Essential Doctor Who: Invasions of Earth is on sale now

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