‘The Daleks’ original comic strips get a reprint

The ultimate collectors’ edition of The Daleks, the classic 1960s strip, have been digitally restored and are available to buy! All 104 instalments are available in a limited physical print run or digital copies.

Comic collection The Daleks is on sale in print from Wednesday 11 November at WH Smith and selected supermarkets and will be online at It’s also available as a digital edition at

First published in TV Century 21 from 1965 to 1967, The Daleks was devised by Terry Nation and largely written by Doctor Who’s first story editor David Whitaker.

For this collectors’ edition, all 104 instalments have been digitally restored – the vast majority from the original artwork.

The bookazine also includes new features about the writers, illustrators and publishers who created The Daleks, including a detailed interview with artist Ron Turner.

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