The Daleks attack, Ace joins the Doctor and the Ninth Doctor goes on further adventures with BBC Audio

An incredible collection of stories featuring the Ninth Doctor, an anthology with the dreaded Daleks, plus the audio adaptation of Doctor Who television story Dragonfire will be available to hear through winter this December and January.

Here’s a look at what’s available to buy on CD and download from BBC Audio.


The Daleks are back! The ruthless creatures of hate return to menace the galaxy in a further collection of vintage stories from Terry Nation’s Dalek Annuals.

Urgent message to all Anti-Dalek Force agents: the battle continues! Vital examples of the continued defence effort are included in this new volume of stories featuring Daleks and the brave humans who fight against them.

Special ADF agents Matthew Waterhouse, Louise Jameson, Nicholas Briggs and Jon Culshaw read five tales of adventure - The Fugitive, Assassination Squad, Blockade, The Planet That Cried 'Wolf!' and Nightmare - alongside factual briefings including Anatomy of a Dalek and Davros: Genius or Madman. All material is authenticated from Terry Nation's Dalek Annuals of the 1970s.

Remember, it is your duty to stay informed of progress in the ongoing battle between humans and Daleks!

Dalek Attack: Blockade & Other Stories is available on Amazon and Audible soon


Bonnie Langford reads this novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Seventh Doctor, as played on TV by Sylvester MCoy.

When the Doctor and Mel arrive in the Space Trading Colony, Iceworld, the Doctor can feel that there is mischief afoot. He and Mel don't have to wait long before they discover the culprit, Sabalom Glitz, and meet a mysterious girl from Perivale, Ace.

Glitz is hot on the trail of hidden treasure, and the Doctor decides to join him. But the Doctor and his companions don't know the true worth of this mythical hoard. Only Kane, the most feared man in Iceworld, knows the secret of the Dragonfire…

Bonnie Langford, who played Mel in this classic story, reads Ian Briggs's own novelisation of his 1987 TV serial.

Doctor Who: Dragonfire is available on Amazon and Audible soon


Stuart Milligan, Anthony Head and Camille Coduri read three original novels featuring the Ninth Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack.

In these adventures in time and space, the TARDIS travelers discover a dangerous alien predator at an abandoned Soviet naval base, a Neanderthal man in modern-day London, and a world on which fiction has been outlawed.

The stories contained in the anthology are The Deviant Strain by Justin Richards, Only Human by Gareth Roberts, and The Stealers of Dreams by Steve Lyons.

Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor Novels 2 is available on Audible soon

Titles are available from Amazon and Audible in December and January. Check back here in the new year for an in-depth look at 2020’s releases.

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