The Daleks are ready to invade your shelves soon…

Could you keep two of the Doctor’s mortal enemies on your shelves?

Every month Hero Collector release a whole array of Doctor Who figurines, collectibles, pins, t-shirts and more… enough to fill an entire TARDIS! Here’s a round-up of what’s coming this month.

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These two Daleks are separated by almost four decades, but united in their hatred of the Doctor – and their loyalty to the Dalek Emperor, whose mad quest to increase the power of the Daleks led it to incorporate human qualities into their “perfect” forms.

The Ninth Doctor’s deadliest foes!


The Parting of the Ways was the final on-screen appearance of Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor, and the grand return of the Daleks. In Earth’s distant future, Dalek survivors of the Time War were forced to replenish their numbers using the biomatter of dead humans.

As creatures engineered to despise all non-Daleks, these half-humans Daleks were soon driven insane with self-hatred – becoming religious fanatics dedicated to their mad Dalek Emperor!

The Dalek from The Parting of the Ways can be found here

A black at heart Dalek…


The Evil of the Daleks was the first appearance of a Dalek Emperor, and was initially meant to be the Doctor’s final battle with his most iconic enemies! Captured by the Daleks, the Second Doctor seemingly agreed to help his old foes isolate the “human factor” that had foiled their previous plots.

The Black Daleks were the Dalek Emperor’s elite guards, with distinctive jet-black domes and the authority to command other Daleks. Once their fellow Daleks began to be “humanized”, however, cracks began appearing in their control...

The Black Dalek from The Evil of The Daleks can be found here

You can get all of these figurines, and much more from Hero Collector’s Doctor Who shop here.

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