The Best of Humanity

"Love, pride, hate, fear. Have you no emotions, sir?”

The immortal words of the First Doctor, when confronted by the Cybermen, reveal why humanity is one of the Doctor’s favourite species in the universe. Despite all the trials humans go through, as well as their own flaws, they persevere and their better natures ultimately win out.

Here are six times the best of humanity overcame the worst the universe had to throw at them!

A Mother’s Love
The Lie of the Land

The Monks used a particularly insidious form of invasion to take over Earth. They altered the memories of the human race, to make it appear that they had guided the development of humanity from the very beginning.

One of the few people who remembered the truth was Bill, and she set out to put things right. It all came to a head when the Monks began to rewrite Bill’s memories, to bring her in line with everyone else. However, there was one set of memories the Monks couldn’t alter; Bill’s love for her mum proved to be too strong for these creepy invaders!

Bracewell the Human Bomb
Victory of the Daleks

Summoned to London in the midst of World War Two by Winston Churchill, the Doctor found himself in a puzzling situation. Not only were there Daleks in Churchill’s bunker, but a professor called Bracewell claimed to have invented them.

After uncovering that Bracewell was built by the Daleks with a human personality and memories, the Doctor confronted the Daleks on their orbiting spaceship. He nearly beat them, but the Daleks had one final trick. They had installed an Oblivion Continuum bomb into Bracewell!

With the bomb counting down, the Doctor was forced to choose between stopping the Daleks from making their escape, or defusing Bracewell. He raced to Bracewell, but nothing he did could stop the countdown. That’s when Amy stepped in with an important question for Bracewell – a question that would save the day.

Overtaken by an Alien
The Ark in Space

Arriving on Nerva Beacon, a space station in the distant future, the Doctor, Harry, and Sarah discovered hundreds of cryogenically suspended humans! When the Earth was roasted by solar flares, they had escaped there to hibernate until the planet was habitable again. Unfortunately, during their time asleep, a Wirrn Queen also snuck aboard Nerva! One of the crew, Noah, was infected and began to morph into a Wirrn.

With the lives of all the sleeping humans in the balance, the Doctor appealed to Noah’s humanity to take the Wirrn back out into space. In the end, Noah’s desire to save his species overcame the murderous wishes of the Wirrn!

Fighting to the End

Making an unscheduled stop in the year 100 trillion, the Doctor, Martha, and Jack found themselves in the dying days of the universe. Despite the immensely bleak situation, the human race not only persisted but strove to make it to a fabled safe haven called Utopia.

This tiny spark of hope drove them to build a giant rocket that could make the long journey. The Doctor helped them prepare their vessel for departure, unaware that an old enemy was hiding in plain sight.

The Remains of humanity...
Ascension of the Cybermen

Arriving in the aftermath of the Cyber-Wars, the Doctor and her friends were thrust into the middle of a desperate battle for survival: the last of the Cybermen pitted against the final seven human beings. Separated from the Doctor, her friends and the last of humanity had to make a final stand against an onslaught of Cybermen.

Through ingenuity and imagination – as well as one of their number making the ultimate sacrifice – they managed to overcome the mechanical menace, and humanity lived to fight another day.

The Human Factor
Evil of the Daleks

Strong-armed by the Daleks into helping them, the Doctor was tasked with finding the Human Factor, the very essence of what it means to be human.

However, the Emperor Dalek had a much more sinister motive for the experiments. With his friends and all of human history at stake, the Doctor implanted the Human Factor into a squad of Daleks, and used it to fight back!

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