The 'Art of Regeneration' - The Doctors... made out of regenerated technology

An interactive Doctor Who sculpture made out of regenerated technology has materialised on London’s South Bank.

To celebrate the return of Doctor Who and as part of the brand’s 60th anniversary celebrations, BBC Studios has teamed up with Back Market - the global online marketplace for refurbished tech - to create a showstopping installation on London’s South Bank. This mind-bending 180-degree interactive sculpture showcases the current Doctor, David Tennant, seamlessly regenerating into the Fifteenth Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa. 

The Doctor’s regeneration into a new physical form at the end of each series is an iconic trope of the show. The installation, which acts as a homage to the process, can be seen on London’s South Bank from Friday 8th until Monday 11th December.

See the Art of Regeneration - from Friday 8th until Monday 11th December at London's South Bank



The Art of Regeneration sculpture is made from hundreds of discarded devices, acting as a physical embodiment of Tennant’s iconic character leaving the show and transforming into Gatwa’s Doctor.

The 7ft by 9ft anamorphic sculpture has been handcrafted by Global Street Art using unused regenerated tech as an artistic representation of the estimated 100 tonnes of e-waste thrown into landfill every minute. Alongside the usual tech you’d find on the B Corp’s marketplace, eagle-eyed Doctor Who fans will spot special devices recycled from the space-time continuum, including the TARDIS, sonic screwdrivers, plus a few additional easter eggs.

There is a wealth of activity happening on the South Bank around the activation:

  • On Friday 8th the Art of Regeneration sculpture will have a very special guest appearance from the TARDIS (10am-2pm only).
  • On Saturday 9th we are hosting a cosplay event, inviting fans to get dressed up and come down to the pop-up for a photo call at 12pm. So dust off that bow-tie and pull out your tweed blazer to join your fellow Whovians at the South Bank this weekend…COSPLAYERS ASSEMBLE!
  • On Sunday 10th between 11am and 2pm, fans will also be able to come down and see the Fourteenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver as well as for the first time, Ncuti’s brand-new Sonic Screwdriver as part of the exhibit.

After the activation, the sculpture will return to BBC Studios’ Television Centre headquarters, where it will live until it’s dismantled, and the tech used to create the installation will be recycled.

For those looking to cash in on old devices before Christmas, Back Market is inviting the public to make use of its Trade-in service by selling unwanted electronics to professional refurbishers. To make the process super easy, Back Market is giving away recycled envelopes to pack with your old device and seal with a pre-paid Back Market postage label generated online, plus exclusive Back Market and Doctor Who merchandise for those who can flex their superfan skills.

Back Market and BBC Studios’ Doctor Who sculpture the Art of Regeneration is available for free public viewing from Friday 8th until Monday 11th December at the Queen’s Stone on the South Bank’s bustling Riverside Walkway, next to the OXO Tower.

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