Steven Moffat talks the Doctor’s ’epic crushes’ and Time Lord kids

By Cameron K McEwan

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine - on sale from Thursday this week - Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat has providing answers to questions from Whovians in the regular feature, Ask Steven Moffat.

When asked if River Song and the Twelfth Doctor has children whilst spending 24 years together, after the denouement of The Husbands of River Song, Steven answered:

“I’m not sure if either of them would have been great parents.

The Doctor is the most irresponsible man in the universe, but not the most irresponsible lifeform, because there’s also River Song “

In a similar vein, one fan queries if the Doctor ever ‘secretly fancied’ any of his companions, the show runner explained:

“William Hartnell’s Doctor flirted with Cameca and clearly had a crush on Barbara Wright. Patrick Troughton’s Doctor flirted so outrageously with Astrid in The Enemy of the World I had to leave the room, twice. Jon Pertwee’s Doctor was so in love with Jo Grant I’m still crying.

The Doctor – while remote, mysterious and brilliant – is quite capable of the most epic crushes.”

So now you know!

Doctor Who Magazine

The issue also features a fantastic interview with Captain Jack Harkness himself, John Barrowman, as he celebrates the 10th Anniversary of spin-off Torchwood and preview of another spin-off, the new BBC Three series, Class.

Doctor Who Magazine 505 is on sale from Thursday, Oct 20, 2016

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