Steven Moffat says The Doctor is the greatest lead character there is

By Cameron K McEwan

In an honest and revealing interview with Doctor Who Magazine, issue 500 out on May 26, 2016, showrunner Steven Moffat has been extolling the virtues of the world’s greatest television show and just what makes it so unique. The writer told DWM:

“People watch Doctor Who for Doctor Who, not Stars Wars. We’re always trying to show audiences something they haven’t seen elsewhere. If we do a dogfight in space, it’s not going to look as good as Star Wars – so don’t do dogfights in space.

One of the reasons that Rose Tyler hanging from a barrage balloon during the Blitz [The Empty Child] still looks amazing is, you haven’t seen that anywhere else. Or a horse jumping through a mirror [The Girl in the Fireplace]. Or a train in space, like in Mummy on the Orient Express, or those drawings coming to life in Flatline, or death by bird in Face the Raven, or a man made of snakes in The Magician’s Apprentice"

Steven continues: "These are things that only Doctor Who has done. They’re brand new visuals. There’s no direct comparison. We don’t look smaller than anything else, because no-one else is doing precisely what we do.”

But what is more unique than all that? What does Doctor Who have that no other show or film, for that matter, have? Steven has an idea:

“We’ve got the Doctor, too. That’s our great advantage. There’s no show ever made that wouldn’t be improved by putting the Doctor in it.

He’s leading man, comic relief, expository scientist, and chief troublemaker all rolled into one. He can even be the villain, if you like; he’s the villain in Hell Bent [2015]. That’s one helluva character to have at the heart of your show – and an amazing part to offer an actor.

The Doctor is the greatest lead character there is.”

We couldn’t agree more!


You can check out the full interview with Steven, where he discusses new companion Bill, casting the Doctor, Steven’s annus horribilis, his handover to new new Doctor Who boss, Chris Chibnall, and, wait for it, SPOILERS! in issue 500 of Doctor Who Magazine. Full details here.

It’s an interview you CANNOT miss!

Doctor Who Magazine issue 500 is out May 26, 2016 - subscribe now and get this issue FREE!

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