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Steven Moffat discusses Doctor Who Series 10 writers

By Cameron K McEwan

The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, no. 507, is out tomorrow (Dec 15) and features showrunner Steven Moffat teasing the forthcoming Series 10.

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The regular DWM feature, Ask Steven Moffat, reveals a returning writer for the series and the Doctor Who boss’s thoughts on two more episodes from 2017.

Writer Toby Whithouse is back with what Steven describes as a “BRILLIANT” episode. Whithouse has already written six episodes for Doctor Who, going back to 2006’s School Reunion and most recently with 2015’s Under The Lake / Before The Flood

Another returning writer for Doctor Who Series 10 is Jamie Mathieson, who has penned three episodes so far. Steven enthuses about his latest work:

“Just watching a stunt/effects scene from the new Jamie Mathieson episode. Oh, this is a stormer of an episode! Remember when Jamie first burst onto the scene a couple of years ago? Mummy on the Orient Express and Flatline? There was a new sheriff in town! ?>

And here’s something to get you excited – his new one is his BEST one.

It’s scary, and funny, has awesome monsters, and a savage line in satire. I love it – can you tell? It’s like the best of ‘old’ Doctor Who meeting the best of ‘new’ Doctor Who, and going on a lovely date, with snogging.”

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Steven also discusses The Eaters of Light written by Rona Munro, the writer behind the final story of the classic era, Survival. Moffat states:

“To be honest, I was nervous of approaching her for Doctor Who, because I was fairly sure she thought I was an idiot.

You’re going to love this story, though. Again, it’s old meets new. And it’s warm and wise and lyrical and Scottish”

Directing both these episodes is Charles Palmer - who last worked on Doctor Who for the Tenth Doctor episodes, Smith and Jones, The Shakespeare Code, and Human Nature / The Family of Blood.

As previously revealed, returning writers include Sarah Dollard (Face The Raven), Frank Cottrell-Boyce (In The Forest Of The Night) whilst new writer Mike Bartlett, known for the the BBC One drama Doctor Foster (which stars Suranne Jones from The Doctor’s Wife), joins the world of Doctor Who.

Doctor Who Magazine 507 is available from December 15, 2016.

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