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Series 10 Review Round-Up: Ep 8, The Lie of the Land

By Cameron K McEwan

Doctor Who Series 10 continues airing around the world – find out where to watch in your area here – and the reviews are coming in thick and fast!

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Read what the critics and fans had to say about The Lie of the Land, starring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, Matt Lucas as Nardole and Michelle Gomez as Missy below.

“We also get the best Pearl Mackie performance yet…. Mackie conveys fright, bewilderment and sorrow in a very, very rounded piece of acting work.”

Den of Geek read the full review here

“A witty script from Toby Whithouse”

Telegraph read the full review here

“The Missy scenes are perfectly-pitched and while the Doctor's turncoat moment is unconvincing on a plot level, it's powerfully performed.”

Digital Spy read the full review here

“… satisfyingly wrapping up the overall story while also charting some new ground, providing more than a couple of thrills and head-fakes”

IGN read the full review here

The Lie of the Land brings the biggest story arc of the season to a close with mostly satisfying results, opening the door for more involvement from Missy, and proving that Bill can determine the course of the narrative in more ways than one.”

Screen Rant read the full review here

“Toby Whithouse has a knack of writing memorable one-on-one confrontations between the Doctor and his foes.”

Slant read the full review here

“Michelle Gomez remains a delight, but her different role this year continues to allow new subtlety to the trickiest of characters to get right – the supervillain.”

The Guardian read the full review here

”Capaldi plays the conflict beautifully, almost entirely in the eyes. Watching him, I’m painfully aware that we only have five more Twelfth Doctor episodes remaining.”

Cult Box read the full review here

The Lie of the Land finishes the Monk’s trilogy with perhaps the show’s most hard-hitting socially relevant episode yet”

Nerdist read the full review here


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