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Series 10 Review Round-Up: Ep 4, Knock Knock

By Cameron K McEwan

Doctor Who Series 10 continues airing around the world – find out where to watch in your area here – and the reviews are coming in thick and fast!

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Read what the critics and fans had to say about Knock Knock, starring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts, Matt Lucas as Nardole, and David Suchet below.

“My favourite of the run so far,… David Suchet’s terrific, understated performance is just one of the highlights of this episode…”

Den Of Geek read the full review here.

“I’m calling this my favourite episode of season 10 yet and I think there'll be a lot more fans agreeing with me come Saturday night…”

The Digital Fix read the full review here.

“… another great addition to a strong season. As good Saturday night entertainment goes, you can’t knock it.”

Cult Box read the full review here.

Knock, Knock is an excellent episode and one that cannot be missed, though if you’re watching it with children or with an easily scared father/mother than you may want to make sure they have no hot drinks in their hand during the forty-five minutes of airtime.”

Flickering Myth read the full review here.

Knock Knock is terrific”

Ars Technica UK read the full review here.

“Doctor Who has something special in Pearl Mackie and Bill, as her presence has elevated every episode she’s appeared in.”

A.V. Club read the full review here.

“David Suchet is wonderful as the Landlord, always with a slightly sinister twinkle in his eye. Any time he and Peter Capaldi are pitted against each other, it's a delight.”

Digital Spy read the full review here.

“… there’s some seriously good CGI in this episode. Swarms of bugs aside, Eliza’s wooden form is beautifully done. CGI team have earned their money with her rendering.”

Mirror read the full review here.

“David Suchet playing the Landlord was brilliant casting. Just menacing enough as he mysteriously appeared without warning, smiling evilly in corners.”

Telegraph read the full review here.

“Seeing that one guy stuck, half-eaten in the wall was quite harrowing – while the reveal of the wooden lady at the end had some bite. Certainly the look of this episode added to the overall tone – creating a claustrophobic space for the audience to get scared in.”

Screen Critics read the full review here.


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