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Series 10 Review Round-Up: Ep 2, Smile

By Cameron K McEwan

Doctor Who Series 10 continues airing around the world – find out where to watch in your area here – and the reviews are coming in thick and fast!

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Read what the critics and fans had to say about Smile, starring Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts and Matt Lucas as Nardole, below.

“‘Smile’ is light, fun sci-fi.” 4/5

CultBox read the full review

“Pearl Mackie’s Bill, again, steals the show… Furthermore, the relationship between her and Capaldi’s Doctor feels fresh, interesting and entertaining… ”

Den of Geek read the full review

“… there are some fantastic SF images to soak up. The episode looks a treat…”

MyMBuzz read the full review

“‘Smile' proves Capaldi and Mackie are an all-time great TARDIS team.”

Digital Spy read the full review

“I’m totally sold on this new Doctor/Bill dynamic at this point, and this season’s new direction as well.”

IGN read the full review

“… packed with ideas and neat gimmicks, lovely writing, lots of heart and just scary enough.”

Telegraph read the full review

“And with a couple of surprises and a gorgeous cinematography that makes the most of the futuristic planet setting, Smile will do as the title suggests and leave a smile on your face”

The Digital Fix read the full review

“… gorgeous direction by Lawrence Gough and continued fabulous chemistry between Capaldi and Pearl Mackie.”

Nerdist read the full review

“Bill Continues to Make Us ‘Smile’ Despite Creepy-Cute Emojibots”

IndieWire read the full review

“…‘Smile’ is the perfect way to explore the two characters’ burgeoning relationship, by placing Bill’s wide-eyed wonder front and center …”

Screen Rant read the full review

Watch what Twelfth Doctor actor Peter Capaldi and Executive Producer Brian Minchin had to say about Doctor Who,

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