September sees an exclusive new audio adventure for the Twelfth Doctor

By Cameron K McEwan

This month’s Doctor Who audiobooks from the BBC include an exclusive audio adventure for the Twelfth Doctor, and the final full television story for the Seventh Doctor.

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Both releases are available now, check out the details and artwork below.

Death Among the Stars

By Steve Lyons

At Kennedy Space Centre, in 2060, the Doctor meets Amber Lewis. Both are there to observe the launch of Earth’s very first off-world colony ship, as it heads for Jupiter’s sixth moon. But to everyone’s surprise it seems that somebody has reached Europa before them. The figure is oddly familiar to the Doctor and Amber in particular...

So begins the adventure of a lifetime for Amber, as she journeys in the TARDIS to set foot on a distant moon. Events take a bizarre turn when she and the Doctor apparently witness celebrity figures wandering freely on the rocky surface. A sinister presence lurks behind the apparitions, and Amber is about to fall into its clutches.

An alien base, a stranded abductee and a group of sinister ‘Icemen’ all add up to trouble for the Doctor. Can he rescue his new friend and avert disaster on humanity’s new frontier?

Nicola Bryant, who played Sixth Doctor companion Peri, reads this original audiobook featuring the Twelfth Doctor as played by Peter Capaldi on television.

Duration: 70 mins (approx). Purchase here.

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By Rona Munro

The Doctor brings Ace home to Perivale - but on a summer Sunday it seems the least lively place in the universe. All the members of Ace's old gang have gone away — each one disappeared. What is killing the domestic pets of Perivale? Who are the horsemen whose hoofprints scar the recreation ground? Where have the missing persons been taken? Is the Doctor stepping into a well-prepared trap - and if so, can it be the work of the Doctor's old adversary, the Master?

This is an unabridged reading from Lisa Bowerman (who played Karra in Survival) of this classic novelisation of the Seventh Doctor television serial starring Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred. Writer Rona Munro also penned this year's Twelfth Doctor television episode, The Eaters Of Light.

Duration: 4 hours (approx). Purchase here.

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Both these titles are available now

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