See the Yeti restored to its former glory!

By Katrina Bell

With all moulds cast, all sculpts sculpted and all imposing monsters posed, Saturday 8th July brought the curtain down on our Restoration project with the reveal of our fully restored final monster as voted for by you…so “run, it’s the Yeti!”

As ever, Mike Tucker was with us to talk about the Yeti restoration and, having identified the actor who played him when Mike found his name in the costume, we were even able to identify, on screen, which Yeti was ours from the restored Web of Fear film in a supporting piece by Peter Crocker.

We also had a special guest: Terry Molloy – the first actor to reprise the role of Davros back in the 1980s - was brought face to face with the restored Davros completed in 2015!

If you missed it, fear not – all our restored monsters are on display in our Classic Who & Restoration area until 9th September!

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