Say What You See with new Doctor Who puzzle app

Celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who (and drive yourself to distraction!) by downloading the Doctor Who: Say What You See app.

Developed by Big Ideas Digital for BBC Worldwide, Doctor Who: Say What You See is a brain-melting puzzle game, filled with cryptic picture puzzles, combining the gameplay the Say What You See series is known for, with the international power of the Doctor Who brand.

Doctor Who: Say What You See is available to download on iOS, Android and Kindle Fire now.

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The premium app contains over 150 Doctor Who-related rebus puzzles hidden in three large paintings. Rebus puzzles (popularised by the TV show Catchphrase in the UK, and found under Lone Star beer bottle caps in the US) are cryptic picture puzzles which suggest words or phrases.

Each puzzle refers to a Doctor Who companion, gadget, episode title or monster, and it’ll take a true Whovian to unravel all 150 of them. Solving a puzzle will reward the player with a trivia-filled fact-file.

Painted by Ex-Rare concept artist Ryan Firchau, the artwork takes players on a journey through iconic Doctor Who locations - the alien world of Gallifrey, Totter’s Lane junkyard, and the interior of the TARDIS itself.

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The Big Ideas Digital team has worked in close collaboration with BBC Worldwide and the Doctor Who department in Cardiff to ensure the authenticity of the game, and to make sure every rivet on the TARDIS is present and correct. Jon Hamblin, Director, Big Ideas Digital comments: “There have been many Doctor Who games in the past, but this is the first that covers the entire span of the show’s history, referencing episodes, characters and monsters from every one of its 50 years. If this isn’t the first game to appeal to old-school, hardcore Doctor Who fans just as much as younger fans of modern Who, then I’ll eat my Tom Baker scarf!”

Doctor Who: Say What You See is published by BBC Worldwide on the App Store, Google Play Store and Amazon Marketplace.

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