REVIEW ROUND-UP: Tom Baker returns in 'Shada'

By Cameron McEwan

Last month, Whovians around the world were treated to the digital release of the Fourth Doctor story, Shada.

Written by Douglas Adams (The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), the Tom Baker adventure was never finished – until now! Combining original footage from 1979 and hand-drawn animation, Whovians can enjoy the complete Shada like never before.

Find out more about the history of Shada here.

Complete with fantastic extras (click ), the feature-length story was made available on DVD and Blu-ray earlier this month in the UK, with releases in North America and Australia to follow in 2018.

Check out what critics have been saying about Shada below.

“This is vintage Douglas Adams, and the legendary writer’s quick-fire wit is very much on display here.”
Tor - read review here.

“There's such love and care on display, built upon years and years of waiting for this story to finally be told in full, that Shada becomes so much stronger than the sum of its decent-at-best parts.”
Gizmodo - read review here.

“The animated sections are hugely effective. Tom Baker is absolutely on form as the Doctor, and Neame’s villain is delight.”
Hero Collector - read review here.

Shada is a great way to introduce younger generations to one of classic Doctor Who‘s most fascinating and fun eras.”
Geek Dad - read review here.



“… essential purchase for both classic DW and Douglas Adams fans.”
Fortress of Solitude - read review here.

“.. this new and definitive version is definitely worth the 38 year wait.”
Exciting Stuff - read review here.

“… attention to detail shines through”
The Doctor Who Companion - read review here.

“The new Shada is amazing!”
Terra Alpha - watch review here.

“I’d say 100% get it. It’s a fantastic realisation of 1970s Doctor Who.”
EMS Reviews - watch review here.

“This is a must buy.”
Nonsensical Child - watch review here.


Shada is available on download, DVD & Blu-ray

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