Read an exclusive excerpt of 'The Church on Ruby Road' novel

Get a first look inside the novelisation of the Doctor and Ruby's first adventure, written by Esmie Jikiemi-Pearson.

Today marks the release of the novelisation of The Church on Ruby Road, the first full-length adventure featuring Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor and Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday. To celebrate the release, you can read an exclusive excerpt from the novel below, when the Doctor Ruby escape the clutches of the Goblins and their King after an epic sing-off. 

Get your copy of the novelisation of The Church on Ruby Road here and on audio here

The Church on Ruby Road

The Doctor smiled at Ruby, his eyes bright with intelligence and the thrill of adventure. She was reminded, inexplicably, of the first time she had seen him, dancing with wild abandon in the dark. 

‘If you reverse an intelligent glove,’ the Doctor said, grinning, ‘you get heavy.’ 

And then the gloves were glowing, bright light racing down the golden filaments woven into the fingers. And Ruby, clutching Lulubelle’s basket so hard her knuckles were white, clung to the Doctor as he jumped off the dining table conveyor belt, taking her with him. 

They smashed through the floor of the Goblin banquet hall, splinters and wood chips raining down behind them, Ruby’s bright blonde hair blowing all over her face. The Doctor’s long coat wrinkled in her hand as she clutched it, the back of it blowing upwards as they fell. The wood scratched her legs as they broke through the twisted hull of the flying ship like it was made of wet tissue paper, their weight augmented by the glove. In a flash, they had punched through it completely, bursting out into the cold winter air of the sky.

The roaring, devastated cry of the Goblin King was the only thing that followed them.

Get your copy of the novelisation of The Church on Ruby Road here and on audio here

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