PREVIEW: The Eleventh Doctor Year 3, Issue 1

By Cameron K McEwan

Titan Comics have announced details of a brand new series for the Eleventh Doctor, as played by Matt Smith on screen.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor - Year Three #1 is on sale from January 4, 2017 and we have an exclusive look inside the first issue and the variant covers. We also have some thoughts from writers Rob Williams and Alex Paknadel.

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The Eleventh Doctor - Year 3

Same great creators – whole new flavor! The Eleventh Doctor begins his blockbuster third year with writer Rob Williams (Suicide Squad) and series artists Simon Fraser and Leandro Casco in the hot seat!

Year Three unfolds in single issue stories, as the Doctor and Alice Obiefune, seeking a fresh start after the stresses of last year’s epic mystery, set off in search of strange new worlds and amazing new sights! Every issue is packed with story and wonder! Dive deep into the unseen reaches of time and space!

Super-accessible jumping on point for new readers – come see what the fuss is all about!

Take an exclusive look inside below…

Preview The Eleventh Doctor

No Way to Treat Visitors

We Finally Found This



Below you can find commentaries from the writers and variant covers you can collect.

Commentary from Rob Williams

"If you've been alive for a 1000 years, there's a power in that: all those experiences. All that knowledge. That's something we're exploring in Season 3 of the Eleventh Doctor. He's already the smartest being in the universe, but add everything he's seen and done to that and you suddenly have an extraordinary treasure trove of intel. That's something that makes The Doctor's mind an attractive target for certain people.

It also brings home, once again, that he is not human. Despite his appearance. And that's a theme we're exploring in the new season. Alice Obiefune, his companion in the Eleventh Doctor comics, is very human. A brave, determined library assistant from Hackney. But what would happen if someone combined both their experiences into one being?

New Beginnings

What if they had a child?

Now, that's not in the traditional romantic or biological sense you understand - this is Doctor Who we're dealing with - but what if an ambitious creature attempted to steal The Doctor's memories and Alice got in the way and somehow the whole mix got jumbled together? A Brundlefly in the TARDIS. That new being would have the same options before it that any new being would have: take the good path or take the bad path. But if a being with the knowledge of The Doctor took the wrong road... that would be a very bad thing for the universe.

Our two-part opening story sees the return of Jones, our companion from Season One, to an extent. Jones was always our David Bowie by another name. And given Bowie's death this year it felt right to revisit him. There's also a nefarious and rather exciting new villain, who we think adds to the Who pantheon of evil rather well. Someone very interested in memories.

Year Three

Season Two was a rather ambitious novelistic 'one story over 15 chapters' approach by myself and Si Spurrier. This season we're returning to the 'episode of the week' format. We have our overall 'A-plot' spine for the season, but we'll be off exploring all space and time, as you'd expect. Running into new adventures and threats. All the things we've come to love Doctor Who for.

And we're bringing in new writing voices too. The bulk of the A-plot series spine has been written by myself and one of our new voices, Alex Paknadel, who's a very exciting new sci-fi comics writer. Si Spurrier is still onboard and will be contributing some issues, and we're also joined by George Mann, who's written Who comics and novels and knows the Doctor inside out. In that sense this season feels far more like watching the TV show.

And there'll be running away and vwoorping and traps and monsters. The Doctor being the smartest being alive - unless someone steals his memories, that is."

Eleven 01



Commentary from Alex Paknadel

"Being invited to contribute to the Eleventh Doctor brain trust was so much more than I could have hoped for at this point in my career. Rob (Williams) and Si (Spurrier) recommended me for the gig, but I didn't think I had a hope in hell of actually landing it. I'd love to show you some of the emails I received from other writers after the announcement of my participation, but sadly they're not really suitable for an all-ages audience. I've loved Moffat's tenure as showrunner, so working on the Eleventh - which affords me the opportunity to play around with some of the darker themes Moffat welcomes - is all my Christmases come at once.

Year Three Cover

I can’t go into too much detail about my arcs in this season, but I will say they’re true to the spirit of Moffat’s tenure inasmuch as they pretty openly address some unpalatable aspects of human nature, particularly as they relate to what’s happening in the world right now. The puckish humour and widescreen escapism we all love about the Eleventh Doctor are all firmly in place, but if you squint you’ll see a darker edge. Rob and Andrew (James) have given me a relatively free hand in these arcs’ construction, but it’s all building to something. I’ve got to be honest, it’s a scream."


Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor Year 3 # 1 is released on Jan 4, 2017

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