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Peter Capaldi teases ‘different’ Cybermen in Doctor Who Series 10

By Cameron K McEwan

Twelfth Doctor actor Peter Capaldi was a guest on BBC Radio 2’s Steve Wright show this week and discussed all things Doctor Who, including the Christmas Special and Series 10.

Chatting about The Return of Doctor Mysterio, which premieres on Dec 25, he described his co-star Matt Lucas (returning as Nardole) as “brilliant,” adding that Matt is “one of the British comedy greats.”

Looking ahead to 2017, Peter was asked what Doctor Who Series 10 had in store for fans. The Scotsman commented that it will be, “back to basics of Doctor Who,” with “adventures in every corner of the galaxy.”

There was also discussion about the possibility of returning monsters and villains in Doctor Who Series 10

On the Daleks:

“I won’t say. There may be, there may not be.”

On the Cybermen:

“There may be. There may be a different kind of Cyberman.”

On The Yeti:

Peter would “love” to see their return.

And finally, Capaldi was questioned whether or not Series 10 would be his last in Doctor Who, he responded:

“I don’t know, I really don’t. I haven’t made my mind up.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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