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Pearl Mackie says new companion Bill ‘has a temper’

By Cameron K McEwan

The Guardian has been chatting to actress Pearl Mackie about her forthcoming role as the new TARDIS passenger alongside Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who Series 10.

Mackie will be appearing next year as new companion Bill, who will travel with the Twelfth Doctor and Nardole, as played by Matt Lucas.

Discussing the character of Bill, Pearl told the publication: “She’s funny and geeky and vulnerable. There’s a goofiness to her and a big heart. She gets things wrong, she has a temper. I thought, ‘I know her. I could play her.’”

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“There is some sort of similarity between me and Freema, but Bill is very different from Martha.”

This weekend Pearl Mackie will be appearing with Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat for a very special Doctor Who panel at New York Comic Con.

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(Please note: this article erroneously states that Bill will debut in this year’s Christmas Special.)

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