Nine defining moments of the Ninth Doctor

It's been over 15 years since the Ninth Doctor’s series of adventures wrapped up. From stopping Autons taking over the world and watching the end of the world to defeating the Daleks yet again, the Ninth Doctor and Rose took us all on plenty of adventures with a lot of heart. Here are nine moments from the Ninth Doctor’s series that truly gripped us!

1. Meeting Rose Tyler… and changing their destinies forever

Where better than the beginning? From the very second that Rose Tyler met the Doctor, the results were explosive… literally!

Without Rose, and her bronze in under 7s gymnastics, the Ninth Doctor would never have stopped the Auton invasion, and the world would have been taken over by plastic dummies.

2. Saving Rose at the end of the world

Welcome to the end of the world… for her first trip in the TARDIS, the Doctor took Rose to the last day of planet Earth. And it was almost the end of Rose Tyler!

The Doctor managed to save Rose and the others on Platform One, thanks to the sacrifice of Jabe… and the Earth was destroyed (but in the year five billion).

3. Visiting Charles Dickens and beating the Gelth

A quick trip to the past was next, and in Cardiff 1860 the Doctor and Rose got more than they bargained for. They met the great writer Charles Dickens, plus the dead coming back to life, possessed by gas creatures the Gelth!

4. Defeating the Slitheen… via phone!

Sometimes, even the Doctor can’t get everywhere at the right time… and bringing the Doctor home to meet your family can have consequences. Big, green, gassy consequences.

Mickey and Jackie Tyler found themselves forced to taken on a terrifying Slitheen in Jackie’s flat, and the Doctor and Rose were only able to call and help. Thank goodness the Tyler household has plenty of vinegar at hand… pickled egg, anyone?

5. Confronting the last Dalek

You can always judge a man by the quality of his enemies and there’s no greater enemy than the Daleks. Even a singular Dalek is a genius, a mobile war machine intent on destruction. When the last of the Time Lords met the final Dalek in existence, it was enough to make the Doctor say, “Exterminate”!

6. Sacrificing himself… to save Rose’s family

Some things in time are fixed points and cannot be changed. If they were, the Reapers would feast. When Rose went back in time and saved her father, all of time threatened to be eaten. The Doctor made the ultimate sacrifice to save Rose’s family…

7. Saving Earth from the Empty Child

When a Chula ambulance warship packed with nanogenes crash-landed in London during the Blitz, people started coming back to life. The only problem was they had gas masks stuck to their faces and they were all asking for their Mummy!

Luckily the Doctor solved the mystery and was able to reprogramme the nanogenes, and just this once, everyone was saved.

8. Giving second chances to Margaret Slitheen

Ever gone on a dinner date with an alien in a human suit? The TARDIS needed a recharge, and when in Cardiff…

Margaret Slitheen always has a scheme up her sleeve, whether in a human suit or her Slitheen skin! The TARDIS was on hand to intervene, and the Doctor saved Cardiff from being ripped apart.

9. Facing the Daleks… "No Weapons, No Defences, No Plan!"

Possibly the Ninth Doctor’s finest hour. The Daleks had survived the Time War. Rose had been captured. The Emperor Dalek was back. The Human race was enslaved to their television sets, not ready for a global invasion. Half a million primed and ready Daleks were waiting to act.

The Doctor had nothing, barring his sonic and the TARDIS. No weapons. No defences. No plan. But does the Doctor ever?

Enjoy all of the fantastic moments of the Ninth Doctor on the Doctor Who YouTube channel!

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