New TARDIS range and new figurines from Hero Collector

A brand new range of faithfully reconstructed TARDIS figurines, plus figurine versions of some Doctor Who characters will be coming soon from Hero Collector. Read on to find out which figurines you’ll be adding to your collection next!

You will be able to order all of these Doctor Who figurines soon from Hero Collector.

“It’s a Police Box…”

Time And Relative Dimension In Space - Instantly recognizable and beautifully blue, the TARDIS is the iconic time machine from Doctor Who. The Doctor’s TARDIS has changed its design many times over 50 plus years of adventures – all in the iconic shape of a blue British police box. Now in retail-and-collector-friendly packaging, this series depicts the iconic time machine in highly detailed 1:21 scale.

Coming first is the Eleventh Doctor’s TARDIS! This model features the design used by the Eleventh Doctor (Matt Smith), as it appeared in his debut 2010 episode, The Eleventh Hour, and was created with the schematics used to build the actual TARDIS prop in the BBC TV series.

The Dalek invasion of Satellite Five!

The Parting of the Ways was the last appearance of Christopher Eccleston's Ninth Doctor, as the Daleks returned to menace the galaxy.

In the distant future, Dalek survivors of the Time War invaded the station Satellite Five to replenish their numbers with the biological material of dead humans. The only thing that could stop these new Daleks was the mysterious 'Bad Wolf'...

Beware what lurks in the Cloisters of Gallifrey…

In the Cloister, a vast crypt below the capital city of Gallifrey, the Cloister Wraiths lurked. Apparitions of dead Time Lords whose minds had been digitally uploaded, the Cloister Wraiths guarded the Matrix of Gallifrey - a repository of all Time Lord knowledge and science.

A Twin Dilemma!

Mestor was the cruel, gluttonous leader of the Gastropods, a species of slug-like aliens. The Gastropod eggs lay dormant on the planet Jaconda for centuries, forming part of its mythology, before they somehow hatched and the Gastropods returned, using their telepathic abilities to dominate the native Jacondans.

You will be able to order all of these Doctor Who figurines soon from Hero Collector.

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