More Doctor Who figurines coming this year!

Character Options has announced their next batch of Doctor Who products, with four new sets going on sale in March 2020. One of these sets is based on the television adventure The Monster of Peladon starring the Third Doctor, with three others available based on audio adventures made by Big Finish, starring the Seventh Doctor, the War Doctor and the Eighth Doctor.

These action figures are available from B&M in the UK from March 2020, with more action figures available from other retailers.

The Third Doctor & TARDIS from The Monster of Peladon

This set features an exclusive figure of the Third Doctor in a splendid dark bottle green jacket with grey lapels, combined with a dark bow tie, a lime coloured shirt with dark edging and dark grey/brown trousers. The light blue TARDIS comes with standard opening doors and signage, a black phone door and the newer low-profile base.

The Seventh Doctor & Axis Strike Squad


Based on the Big Finish series Gallifrey VI. The Seventh Doctor has a darker jacket and hat than his more regularly seen outfit. Plus the set has an Axis Strike Squad Dalek with silver rather than gold slats and waist band.

The War Doctor & Dalek Scientist

Based on the Big Finish story A Thing of Guile. The War Doctor wears a black weathered jacket, red waistcoat, darker hair colour and recoloured spats. The set also includes the Dalek Scientist and also features new paint decoration including a Pewter blue dome and hemispheres.

The Eighth Doctor & Dalek Interrogator Prime

As depicted in the Big Finish story In The Garden Of Death. The Eighth Doctor is presented in a revised dark blue, heavy wash jacket with antique bronze buttons, dark grey jeans and brown boots. His nemesis, the Dalek Interrogator, features a blue tinged dome, slats and hemispheres plus a brighter blue casing.

These action figures are available from B & M in the UK from March 2020, with more action figures available from other retailers.

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